The world of an anti mining protester

I sometimes wonder how anti mining protesters think the world works? where do they think all the products come from we use on a daily basis, how do they think our food and clothing come to be, how do they think the internet, that they like to use to protest, came to be.

Just because I’m the Happy Miner and annoying protesters makes me happy, I wrote the following on a protesters website

When protesting, Please make sure you use no fossil fuels or any product that has been manufactured from mined or quarried products, or has been manufactured using such products (that’s everything, including your cloths and your food) because that would be hypocritical.
Please consider how our society exists and the fact you are looking at a computer that is made from mined resources and in factory’s that only exist due to mining, so the funny thing is you can’t even read this without encouraging mining.

Now it was removed when I went and checked, because these guys don’t ever let the truth get in the way of a jolly good protest.

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Hello world!

Hello, I’m the Happy Miner and I’m proud to provide the world with the natural resources we need for our society to exist.

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